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Endless love for inventions
and constant futher development

Whether Chip Fan, Stamping Technology, the Makro•Grip® workholding technology or the Quick•Point® Zero-Point Clamping System – LANG has set standards with its innovations over the past two decades. Trend-setting technologies and ideas noticeably influence our customers‘ production of today and prepare them for the challenges of tomorrow.

Tradition and innovation

> 2000
Workholding systems are sold every month

Our most important innovations and milestones

„The Original“ – Makro•Grip® Pre-Stamping and Raw Part Clamping Technology

A wise head once said that you can recognize a good idea by the fact that it is often copied. In the course of its company history, LANG has come up with several such ideas. One of those was the Stamping Technology - a technology that has permanently changed the way workpiece raw parts can be clamped efficiently. The Stamping Technology makes it possible to hold workpieces in a compact vise that significantly exceed its volume. Reliably and without wear. For this purpose, the workpiece is pre-stamped within a few seconds and provided with a defined contour, in which the serration of the vise engages and holds the workpiece by form-fit. 

The advantages for the machining process are far-reaching and are explained in detail in the menu item "Solutions". However, not only the Stamping Technology with its 5-Axis Vises, but also the Chip Fan or the Zero-Point Clamping System are solutions that are nowadays often considered a benchmark in Germany and abroad and find some imitators. Where many competitors enter into cooperations and dock on other systems, LANG as a complete supplier offers an independent system. With us you get "The Original" from one source, proven for years, high quality and attractively priced! So why settle for less?

Learn more about the Makro•Grip® Stamping Technology – „The Original“ by LANG Technik

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