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Vision, Mission and Values

Our name stands for Swabian ingenuity, innovation and decisive solutions in the field of workholding, set-up time optimization and machine tool automation. Find out more about what drives us, what we stand for and what customers can expect from us.

What’s behind our values

  • Security With LANG you always get „The Original“ for sure. High-quality and attractively priced.
  • Proximity Our manufacturing processes are at the highest level. With our partners we work at eye level.
  • Sustainability We are in the black with green electricity. Our philosophy: Thinking ahead sustainably.
  • Simplicity We make it easy for our customers, not for ourselves. The result: Simple usability, simple operation, simple workflows.
  • Innovation We do not need to say much about our work. Because four decades of expertise, many successful patents and our brand speak for themselves.

What role does sustainability play for us?

In many ways, sustainability is an essential part of LANG Technik’s corporate orientation.

Products & Innovations

It has always been our ambition to develop product solutions that have a lasting positive impact on our own manufacturing processes and those of our customers. True to the motto "Thinking ahead sustainably", we align our product portfolio accordingly and pursue approaches that promise high efficiency and future viability.

Social Responsibility

Corporate vision is closely connected with social responsibility. As a family owned company, we strive to place some of the commercial success we have back into the community. The development and sponsorship of our children is very important, especially for our social and commercial future. For this reason, we have for years supported different projects that sponsor and strengthen of our young people. Along with sponsoring activities of local clubs and financially supporting social institutions, our company also engages in the BILD hilft e.V. „Ein Herz für Kinder“ foundation.