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Conventional Workholding solutions by LANG Technik

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Conventional Workholding

Diverse clamping solutions for milling round or pre-machined components

While the strengths of Makro•Grip® stamping technology and the 5-Axis Vises are mainly seen in the processing of unmachined parts, workholding devices of the „Conventional Workholding“ category offer various options for smooth clamping of round or pre-machined components. To solve the respective clamping task, a 6-jaw chuck, two collet chucks and a total of three different types of centering vises are available to the operator.

They differ only in the type of their clamping jaws. They use the same base body as the Makro•Grip® 5-Axis Vise, which ensures consistent compatibility and interchangeability. The different types of jaws of the „Conventional Workholding“ are ideally suited for demanding rear-face machining tasks and perfectly complement the 5-Axis Vise in order to machine all faces of a workpiece.

Vario•Tec for (semi-)finished parts

  • Centering vise with pin jaw system
  • For (semi-) finished, cubic parts
  • Support system makes parallels obsolete

Avanti for pre-machined parts

  • Flexible clamping solution for round and pre-machined parts
  • Quick jaw exchange with just one screw
  • Unbeatable low purchasing costs for top jaws

Vasto•Clamp for milling operations

  • 6-jaw chuck for milling operations
  • For machining of blanks and for parts sensitive to deformation
  • Innovative quick jaw exchange system

Profilo for pre-machined parts

  • Centering vise with soft machinable top jaws
  • Flexible clamping solution for contours and pre-machined parts
  • In-house production of top jaws possible

Preci•Point for round part clamping

  • Collet chucks for milling
  • For clamping round parts up to Ø 34 mm
  • Use of commercially available collets

Benefits of Conventional Workholding

Minimal time required for set-up

Simple and user-friendly operation

Enormous flexibility due to the possibility of using different top jaws

Diverse clamping solutions for differently shaped parts

All centering vise jaw types compatible with the Makro•Grip® 5-Axis Vise

Precise and robust mounting between base and top jaws

Convinced by the benefits of „Conventional Workholding“? Then simply use the contact form to ask for your indivdual quote.

Product overview

Success Stories

Start your own success story with „Conventional Workholding“ solutions by LANG. This is what our customers have to say:

Recently, we have seen an increase in the number of cylindrical blanks that have to be produced on our 5-axis machines and have decided to use the new Vasto•Clamp. We have been using the Vasto-Clamp for some time and have been able to reduce set-up times with the click jaw system. With parts that are not completely cylindrical, the 6-jaw chuck makes it possible to remove a top jaw without any problems and still clamp parts flat. Eccentric clamping is also child's play thanks to the click jaws. Whether raw parts or precise clamping with pre-machined jaws for thin-walled components, the 6-jaw chuck clamps safely and without deformation. Due to its shape, the Vasto•Clamp is more accessible than conventional jaw chucks.!

Manuel Dengler, Dengler CNC-Technik

The Avanti vises in connection with aluminium top jaws are our first choice when it comes to clamping parts for which a special machined contour is required. Since the top jaws are held securely from below by a special interface, there are no annoying screws, pins or clamps. We also do not waste any machinable space in the top jaws, because there are no holes or counter bores. This means that the entire jaw volume can be used to machine the required contour. In addition, the good accessibility from all sides due to the lack of interfering areas, as well as the fast and acurate jaw exchange, makes the Avanti the most widely used vice for seconds operations in our shop.

Sebastian Thoma, Thoma-Tec, 84155 Bodenkirchen

We mainly use the Preci•Point to clamp pre-turned components that contain precise 3D contours after machining on the 5-axis machines. Due to its slim design, parts can be clamped with low vibration. Accessibility with shorter tools is also better than with common competitor products.

Manuel Dengler, Dengler CNC-Technik

Are you looking for flexible and versatile clamping systems for your diverse range of parts?

Product overview

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