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Quick•Point® Zero-Point Clamping System by LANG Technik

simple. quick. clamping.

Quick•Point® Zero-Point Clamping System

The enormously adaptable zero-point clamping system for shortest set-up times and highest precision

As an interface between machine table and workholding device, Quick•Point® is characterized by an enormous range of variations and provides a solution for nearly any machine tool when it comes to set-up time savings and minimization of downtimes. Round, rectangular or square in shape, for single or multiple clamping, it can be used universally in vertical and horizontal machining centers, on 3- and 5-axis tables and 4th axis rotary or trunnion systems.

With over 50 different zero-point solutions and a wide range of customization options, the LANG zero-point clamping system is extremely flexible. Its user-friendliness and application diversity are unparalleled on the market. Thanks to its modularity, the system can be expanded at any time and guarantees the shortest set-up times with the highest precision.

Simple operation

Even simpler, even stronger

Quick•Point® modular plates

A new type of plate within the Quick•Point® system now makes zero-point clamping even easier. With the expandable modular plates, which can be flexibly adapted to any machine table, users operate up to five clamping units in succession mechanically with just one tightening screw. This is due to a new patented clamping mechanism within the modular plates, which ensures even higher pull-down forces and activates the complete zero-point set-up at the same time.

Quick•Point® modular plates -
The most important info briefly summarized:
  • Mechanical clamping of several plates with only one tightening screw
  • Single and double plate with 96 mm zero-point grid
  • Combinable in y-direction up to 960 mm length (5 clamping units)
  • Flexible adaptable to any machine table
  • Pull-down forces of up to 8500 N
  • No additional alignment of several plates to each other
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The 2-in-1 solution

Quick•Point® Combo Plates

Greatest possible flexibility. High precision. Short set-up times. Attractive price. Quick•Point® combines all the features that make a zero-point clamping system special. The new Combi series with integrated 52 and 96 mm zero-point grid takes this to the next level. For the user, this means: An even greater flexibility in terms of clamping device selection. All vise sizes can now be clamped in the same platen without having to change over the zero-point system.

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Product overview


Modular, flexible and always a good fit

on machine tables

Whether 3-axis or 5-axis, t-slot table or table with hole grid, the Quick•Point® Zero-Point Clamping System can be used on any machine table thanks to its versatile mounting options. Depending on the size and type, the machine table can be equipped with a single plate or with several grid plates arranged in a row to cover the entire surface.

on 4th axis and trunnions

The low installation height of the Quick•Point® Zero-Point Clamping System is an advantage when additional axes are used that restrict the available space in z-direction. The universal mounting options and the simple mechanical operation have a positive effect on the compatibility with almost all rotary axis models.

in horizontal machining centers

The Quick-Tower tombstone is a flexible clamping solution due to its wide range of mounting options, which allows machine runtimes of horizontal machining centers to be increased enormously. The setup process is quick and easy thanks to the integrated zero-point system. The Quick•Point® system is also a widely used solution on market-accompanying clamping towers.

on pallet changers

Thanks to their flexibility and independent operation, both single and multiple plates are frequently used on market-accompanying automation and pallet changing systems to benefit from all the advantages of LANG's workpiece and zero-point clamping technology. In addition, conventional clamping devices can be clamped in the Quick•Point® system using appropriate clamping studs.

Quick•Point® Technology


Simple, robust and incredibly durable

Mounting on the machine table

Quick•Point® offers the most flexible possibilities for mounting and alignment on machine tables, clamping towers or rotary tables. Zero-point plates with prefabri-cated mounting holes and keyways are available for all common machine tables. In addition, all plate variants are available without a hole pattern so that they can be adapted individually. The appropriate accessories for aligning the plates, such as slot keys, centering studs or alignment gauges are also available.

Clamping mechanism

Depending on the Quick•Point® variant, there are at least four zero-point positions in each plate into which the clamping device or another Quick•Point® product is placed. When tightening the actuation screw of the plate, the clamping studs are pulled-down by lateral clamping rods. With a tightening torque of only 30 or 60 Nm, holding forces of up to 6000 kg are achieved.

Mechanical actuation with tightening screw

Quick•Point® is a purely mechanical clamping system in which a rod system inside the zero-point plate ensures a repeatability of < 0.005 mm. The technical design with one tightening screw makes the operation of the zero-point plates very easy. Thanks to wear-free components, maintenance is completely unproblematic.

Mechanical actuation with the Quick-Lock fastener

As an alternative to the tightening screw, all rectangular Quick•Point® zero point plates can also be operated very conveniently with the Quick-Lock fastener. With a 180° closing movement of the Quick-Lock lever, the clamping of a workholding device in the zero-point system is created or released with the same clamping and holding forces.

Automatic, pneumatic actuation

For unmanned production, it is essential to automate the opening and closing of the zero-point clamping system. With Quick•Point®, this is done either by control via the machine tool or via the pneumatic interface on the automation gripper and zero-point device.


Minimum setup time required

Direct clamping of workpieces

Wide range of customization options

Highly precise positioning

Maintenance-free and durable components

Automated, pneumatic actuation possible

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Product overview


The two Quick•Point® grid dimensions 52 mm and 96 mm, to which many systems accompanying the market refer today, were established by LANG. The shape, size and application possibilities of the zero-point plates are so varied that almost any requirement on 3- or 5-axis tables or rotary tables can be covered.

Single plates

The widest range of variants is available in the Quick•Point® single plates. They are available in round, rectangular and square versions. They are also available with a prefabricated hole pattern for common t-slot tables or without a hole pattern, which can then be inserted individually according to requirements.

Multiple plates

Quick•Point® multiple plates impress with their expandability and user-friendliness. Only one tightening screw is required to actuate several clamping points. The continuous zero-point grid for multiple plates joined together enables clamping across plates and makes ideal use of the space available on the machine table.

Adaptor plates

The Quick•Point® zero point clamping system shows its full modularity through the use of the adaptor plate. It enables quick and precise conversion from the large to the small zero-point grid and thus guarantees the use of different vise sizes without having to change the basic system on the machine table.

Modular plates

Even easier to operate, even faster to set up. With the expandable modular plates, which can be flexibly adapted to any machine table, users can operate up to five clamping units in succession mechanically with just one tightening screw, thanks to the new patented clamping mechanism.

Combo Plates

Some of the most popular single plates are also available in a combination version. Combo plates combine the two zero-point grids 52 and 96 in one plate and thus offer even more flexibility in terms of clamping device selection without having to change over the zero-point system.


Based on the Quick-Tower tombstone for horizontal machining centers, there is also a flexible multiple clamping solution from LANG for smaller 5-axis machines. Up to 8 clamping devices can be used simultaneously in machining, resulting in increased spindle running times and fewer tool changes.

3-face pyramid

The ideally accessible, high-strength aluminum base body with embedded zero-point plates made of case-hardened steel is particularly suitable for increasing the machine running times of 5-axis machining centers. Since the 3-sided pyramid has integrated zero-point clamping studs, the operator also benefits from optimised setup times.

Twin base

The hardened and ground twin base is ideal for manual 5-sided machining of workpieces with 3-axis machines or fourth axes, as the workpiece can be rotated by 4x 90° with clamping devices with repeatable accuracy and process reliability.

Automation zero-point devices

The zero-point clamping system for LANG automation systems is available with mechanical or pneumatic actuation. It can be used in both automated and manual production. In addition, it can be quickly set up and dismantled due to its integrated ze-ro-point clamping studs.

5-Axis risers

5-axis risers improve accessibility in 5-sided machining and are quickly and precisely set up thanks to the integrated zero-point mounting. Vises, fixtures or workpieces are clamped directly in the robust yet handy steel base body.

Aluminium riser

The aluminium riser improves accessibility in 5-sided machining and can either be mounted directly and permanently on the machine table or set up and removed on a zero-point plate. It is available in round and rectangular versions in heights of 60 and 100 mm.

Support plates

Support plates are ideal for holding conventional clamping devices and your own fixtures for quick and precise setup in the Quick•Point® Zero-Point Clamping System. The voluminous, non-hardened steel body is available in both system sizes (52 and 96) and with different dimensions.


You want to individualize and modify your zero-point plates?

Success Stories

Start your own success story with the Quick•Point® Zero-Point Clamping System. This is what our customers say:

LANG products caught my eye first and foremost because they are made of iron and not aluminium. Also noticing that they are used in high precision machine shops. I committed to try some of their products out and never looked back. Hands down the best vises and plate fixtures I have used to date.

Chip Ursu, Chips Motorsports LLC, Warren USA

Since we have been using the Quick•Point® system from LANG Technik we have reduced our set-up costs considerably. We even equipped our self-made clamping devices with Quick•Point® clamping studs. Converting to different vises or fixtures now only takes a few minutes. Furthermore, we are pretty much sold on its clamping force and the precision in terms of repeatability

Martin Reschke, EL Bauteile Handelsgesellschaft mbH, 76356 Weingarten, Germany

In order to be able to react quickly to the requirements of a wide range of clamping applications and to keep set-up times as short as possible, we use the LANG zero-point system. Due to the low overall height, the purely mechanical actuation, and the great variety, the zero-point system of LANG has been a real game-changer to us for years. The relatively small stud pitch of 52 and 96 mm, in contrast to mostly 200 mm from other manufacturers, is particularly important to us. As a result, we do not lose any space when clamping multiple parts. We are able to place more vises on the same area and thus process more parts in one run.

Sebastian Thoma, Thoma-Tec, 84155 Bodenkirchen, Germany

I have one Quick•Point® 4-fold Plate on my rotary table and I use this as a base plate to mount everything on top of it. Besides, I have various smaller Quick•Point® plates that I mounted on top of my self-made risers for 5-axis machining. Own fixture and other vises were equipped with LANG pull studs, so I can change and load products in the blink of an eye. The Quick•Point®’s clamping mechanism proves to be absolutely safe. The largest part I have machined on the Quick•Point® plate so far had a total height of 745 mm (incl. riser), just held by 4 (M10!!) LANG pull studs. Anything I machine is based on the 96 mm Quick•Point® distance and I love it!

Kain Borst, Poseidon Propulsion, Barendrecht Netherlands

Increased machining hours? Do not waste any more (set-up) time!

Product overview

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