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Quick•Point® 52, Single Plate

150 x 116 x 27 mm, with bores 100 x 50 mm and clamping edge

Item No. 45150

with bores 100 x 50 mm and clamping edge
with bores 100 x 50 mm and clamping edge without mounting bores


Lang Technovation Co.
1020 James Dr., Suite I
73271 Hartland, WI 53029

Key data at a glance

The Quick•Point® 52 zero-point plate with a clamping edge is primarily used in conjunction with the Quick•Point® risers made of aluminium, which contains threaded holes to match the hole pattern of the zero-point plate. In addition, this variant is often used on customized risers and clamping devises, in order to be able to use LANG vises or fixtures with Quick•Point® clamping studs.

150 x 116 x 27 mm (5.91" x 4.57" x 1.06")
Clamping edge included
Cross-plate grid possible
Clamping type
Single clamping
Clamping units
Mounting bores
100 x 50 mm
20 H7
M5 indexing bores
Packaging Unit
1 Set
2.8 kg (6.17 lbs)

More features:


30 Nm

Maximum allowed torque

Vise size

77 mm (3.03")

Width of compatible vise

Quick-Lock applicable


The fast actuation system can be attached

Clamping stud size

16 mm (0.63")

Diameter of suitable clamping studs

Scope of delivery:
  • 1 x Zero-Point plate
  • 4 x Quick•Point® plastic covers ø 20 mm (item number 45008-20)
  • Benefits Quick•Point® Single Plates

    • Variety of versions Solutions for all types of machines and rotary tables available
    • Simple Operation Easy handling thanks to the simple, mechanical functional principle
    • Modifiability High degree of customisability

    Quick•Point® Zero-Point Clamping System

    The Quick•Point® Zero-Point Clamping System is characterized by a particularly wide range of variations and provides a solution for any machine tool. Whether round, rectangular or square in shape, for single or multiple clamping, it can be universally used in vertical and horizontal machining centers, on 3- and 5-axis tables and 4th axis rotary or trunnion systems.

    • Flexibility Thanks to the wide range of variations Quick•Point® can be retrofitted to any machine tool.
    • Easy operation The simple and robust mechanical principle and the small number of components ensure maximum durability with little maintenance.
    • Modularity Whether changing the system size or using additional zero-point components, Quick•Point® can be supplemented and expanded as required.

    Learn all about the benefits and functionality of our Quick•Point® zero point clamping system.

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    Quick•Point® Zero-Point Clamping System

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    Flexible, precise and extremely durable – with the modular Quick•Point® system set-up times are reduced to a minimum.

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    Quick•Point® Zero-Point Clamping System