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Makro•4Grip, Stamping Inserts 4 pieces Item No. 51111-40


Lang Technovation Co.
1020 James Dr., Suite I
73271 Hartland, WI 53029

Key data at a glance

Round blanks are pre-stamped with the stamping inserts and then held with Makro•4Grip clamping jaws by form-fit. Four stamping inserts are required per pair of stamping jaws. Each stamping insert has a total of three cutting edges. If one cutting edge is worn out, two others can be used by turning them by 120 degrees and reassembling them.

Screw size
Packaging Unit
1 Pack
0.11 kg (0.24 lbs)
A set of 4 stamping inserts is already included in the scope of delivery of the Makro•4Grip stamping jaws.
Scope of delivery:

Makro•4Grip Round Part Clamping

With a simple and cost-effective retrofit of the Makro•Grip® stamping unit and a LANG centering vise, the form-fit clamping technology can now also be used for round parts. Makro•4Grip clamping jaws are compatible with every vise size and cover clamping ranges from Ø 36 - 300 mm.
  • Cost-effectiveness Simple and inexpensive retrofit of Makro•4Grip clamping jaws on any LANG vise, as well as the stamping jaws on a stamping unit.
  • Form-fit clamping Clamping with Makro•Grip® provides maximum process reliability and is easy on the workpiece to be machined at the same time.
  • Accessibility The compact Makro•Grip® vises guarantee ideal accessibility in the 5-axis machining of raw parts.

Learn all about the benefits and functionality of ourMakro•Grip® Raw Part Clamping and Stamping Technology.

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