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Patent pending

Makro•Grip® FS, Stamping Unit

additional Stamping Vise, extended, with High-End Stamping Jaws

Item No. 53411-HE

with High-End Stamping Jaws
with Standard Stamping Jaws with High-End Stamping Jaws


Lang Technovation Co.
1020 James Dr., Suite I
73271 Hartland, WI 53029

Key data at a glance

This additional stamping unit is equipped with High-End stamping jaws up to 45 HRC and can pre-stamp workpieces up to 410 mm length. The combination of two stamping vises enables wide workpieces to be pre-stamped so that they can later be clamped using two 5-Axis Vises. This additional stamping vise can be installed either as an extra base on the stamping trolley (with/without t-slot plate) or simply used stationary on a workbench. Suitable mounting material is included in the scope of delivery. No extra pneumatic-hydraulic power multiplier is required for the use of the additional stamping unit.

Pneumatic-hydraulic pressure multiplier inclusive
Max. stamping width
410 mm (16.14")
Max. stamping pressure
360 bar
For materials
up to 45 HRC
Packaging Unit
1 Piece
47 kg (103.62 lbs)
Scope of delivery:
  • 1 x Prägeschraubstock
  • 1 x Schutzscheibe
  • 1 x Befestigungsmaterial
  • Makro•Grip® FS Stamping Technology and Raw Part Clamping

    The Makro•Grip® 5-Axis Vise and its unique benefits of the stamping technology has been considered „The Original“ and a benchmark in the 5-face machining of raw parts for years. Makro•Grip® FS is the further development of this product. Its compact design and high holding forces make the Makro•Grip® FS 5-Axis Vise the ideal clamping device for machining raw parts.

    • Holding force Thanks to a new stamping and holding serration, up to 60% higher holding forces can be achieved with Makro•Grip® FS.
    • Process reliability Clamping with Makro•Grip® FS offers maximum process reliability and allows even higher cutting rates and faster milling processes.
    • Accessibility The compact Makro•Grip® FS self-centering vises guarantee ideal accessibility in the 5-axis machining of raw parts.