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Quick•Point® 52, Twin Base 146 x 76 x 168 mm Item No. 47220


Lang Technovation Co.
1020 James Dr., Suite I
73271 Hartland, WI 53029

Key data at a glance

The hardened and ground twin base is ideal for the manual, 5-sided machining of workpieces with 3- or 4 axis machines, as the workpiece can be rotated together with the clamping device by 4x 90° in the zero-point holes of the twin base with repeat accuracy and process reliability.

146 x 76 x 168 mm (5.75" x 2.99" x 6.61")
Type of machine
Packaging Unit
1 Piece
13.8 kg (30.42 lbs)

More features:

Vise size

77 mm (3.03")

Width of compatible vise

Clamping stud size

16 mm (0.63")

Diameter of suitable clamping studs

Important note! Altered design, but technically identical to old version (Product Image shows the new design). Clearance sale of old version before new version is delivered.

Benefits Quick•Point® Twin Base

  • Machining options 5-face machining with 3 or 4 axes
  • Increase of machining hours Less downtime and tool changes thanks to multiple clamping
  • Simple Operation Easy handling thanks to the simple, mechanical functional principle

Quick•Point® Zero-Point Clamping System

The Quick•Point® Zero-Point Clamping System is characterized by a particularly wide range of variations and provides a solution for any machine tool. Whether round, rectangular or square in shape, for single or multiple clamping, it can be universally used in vertical and horizontal machining centers, on 3- and 5-axis tables and 4th axis rotary or trunnion systems.

  • Flexibility Thanks to the wide range of variations Quick•Point® can be retrofitted to any machine tool.
  • Easy operation The simple and robust mechanical principle and the small number of components ensure maximum durability with little maintenance.
  • Modularity Whether changing the system size or using additional zero-point components, Quick•Point® can be supplemented and expanded as required.

Learn all about the benefits and functionality of our Quick•Point® zero point clamping system.

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Quick•Point® Zero-Point Clamping System

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Flexible, precise and extremely durable – with the modular Quick•Point® system set-up times are reduced to a minimum.

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Quick•Point® Zero-Point Clamping System

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