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Makro•Grip® FS 77, 5-Axis Vise

Jaw width 46 mm, Clamping range 0 - 120 mm, with continuous / full serration

Item No. 48120-46 FS

Clamping range 0 - 120 mm, with continuous / full serration
Clamping range 0 - 85 mm, with continuous / full serration Clamping range 0 - 120 mm, with continuous / full serration


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Key data at a glance

The Makro•Grip® 77 FS with jaw width 46 mm is one of the 5-Axis Vises with integrated robot interface for the RoboTrex automation system. With a base body length of 130 mm, it has a maximum clamping range of 120 mm thanks to its reversible jaws and thus guarantees ideal accessibility with low interference contours. It is exactly this accessibility, coupled with maximum holding forces, that is the key to automated five-sided or even complete finishing of workpieces in a single clamping operation.

Clamping range
0 - 120 mm (0" - 4.72")
130 x 77 x 65 mm (5.12" x 3.03" x 2.56")
Clamping method
by form-fit / by friction
Workpiece shape
Packaging Unit
1 Piece
2.6 kg (5.73 lbs)

More features:


60 Nm

Maximum allowed torque

Clamping stud size

16 mm (0.63")

Diameter of clamping studs

Clamping force

14.000 N

Clamping force at maximum torque

Centering accuracy

±0,02 mm

Centering tolerance of vises



Automation interface included

Grid system

52 mm (2.05")

Zero-point pitch

Single components features:

Clamping Studs

16 mm (0.63")
For grid size
Threaded pin

Spare Jaws

Jaw width: 46 mm (1.81")

Set Spindle + Center Piece

Spindle length
135 mm (5.31")
Thread pitch
M16 x 1.5
Scope of delivery:

Makro•Grip® FS Stamping Technology and Raw Part Clamping

The Makro•Grip® 5-Axis Vise and its unique benefits of the stamping technology has been considered „The Original“ and a benchmark in the 5-face machining of raw parts for years. Makro•Grip® FS is the further development of this product. Its compact design and high holding forces make the Makro•Grip® FS 5-Axis Vise the ideal clamping device for machining raw parts.

  • Holding force Thanks to a new stamping and holding serration, up to 60% higher holding forces can be achieved with Makro•Grip® FS.
  • Process reliability Clamping with Makro•Grip® FS offers maximum process reliability and allows even higher cutting rates and faster milling processes.
  • Accessibility The compact Makro•Grip® FS self-centering vises guarantee ideal accessibility in the 5-axis machining of raw parts.


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